Pro Tips to Film Street Workouts Videos

Whether you are filming street workout videos for teaching your students or posting on a social media network it is important that they should be made in professional manner so that they can be made successful. Though it may not be hard to make a video but creating an interesting and unique video can be a bit harder unless you know some basic things in this regard. The professional tips provided here under can help you in filming street workout videos more perfectly than ever.

Get some inspiration: In order to make a good and interesting street workout video it is important to find something in the street around which you can revolve or weave the subject matter of your entire video. The subject of the video should be strong and original irrespective of its size and looks. The subject of your video can help the artists to visualize it more effectively while filming it.

tripodArrange a tripod: You can capture great videos by capturing balanced and steady shots through your camera. Whether you use the camera of your Smartphone or a handycam it can provide aesthetically improved and professional videos of street workouts if you use a tripod used traditionally for such purposes. You should find a suitable tripod to film the best professional videos of street workout through your handycam or Smartphone.

Set the frame of your shot: Any type of videography or photography requires proper framing of the shot. The framing of the shot helps in positioning your subject at appropriate angle to offer a squared shot to your clients. Thus framing is necessary for every shot of your street workout videos.

Adjust lighting: Whether you are filming your street workout video in the open or in a closed arena it is important to make the scene well lit to make it altogether different. You should adjust lighting of the premise according to the suitability of your devices. So, good lighting is necessary for your excellent video even if your devices work perfectly in low light conditions.

Crystal clear recording of audio: Though sound does not play important role in street workout videos but if its story is narrated in clear voice then it can make an entirely different effect on the users. You can use sophisticated microphones or the microphone of your Smartphone to record these sounds clearly without any outside disturbance.

Use some additional lenses: Though you need not require any additional device while filming street workout videos through your tablet or Smartphone but if you can arrange some additional lenses then you can make remarkable differences in your final products. You can choose these lenses according to the types of your handsets.

Know your perimeters: While filming videos through your Smartphone or tablet you should make a short video so that it can give the underlying message to the viewers and be liked by them. You should plan the short amount of time to make a useful and informative video for the viewers.

Make your shots perfect: Good timing is an important factor for such short videos as it helps in elaborating your idea more effectively. If your planning of the shot is too slow then the effect of your shot will be obvious a bit late. You can extend the effect of your shot through various factors including discipline and proper execution of the planning.

Give an amusing title: You can encourage the viewers to view your street workout video s by providing them an exciting, charming and funny title. Though you may want to reveal some secret at the end of your video still you should give some hint to your viewers in this regard to keep them involved with it. You should also improve its looks while streaming it on social media networks including Twitter and Facebook etc.

Thus you can film a quality video of street workout by following the professional tips provided in this write-up. Though today filming a video has become easier due to presence of mobile devices with digital cameras but still it is important to focus on these tips to make really a quality video for your viewers. It will help you in conveying them your message more effectively. As a bonus, get your Bar Brothers results, review, and diet here.

5 Effective Things to Include in Your Fitness Video Content Now

Fitness consumers love inspiring fitness, health, and nutrition videos. In these days of age, it’s critical you include great video content as one of your marketing strategies.

Think about it. Most yoga or CrossFit gurus already have videos to train their followers or members. You’re missing out a great deal if you don’t have one. Plus, you can’t deny it’s an effective mean to teach fitness moves and routines.

In this post, you’ll learn the 5 most important things you’ll need to have in your marketing videos. It doesn’t matter if you focus on leg workouts, yoga, or body weight training — this post will help you increase your business value tremendously with video.

1. Introductory video

You need at least one introductory video of under 1-2 minutes to give your audience or new visitors a quick overview of what you stand for in your fitness business. It also should provide them with a sneak peak of you as the coach and what your core product is about. You may do a short tour of your studio, highly important equipment, or even merchandises for sale that will help your prospects choose your company over your competitors. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Remember you can’t please everyone. By being yourself, you will end up attracting the people who you want to work with in the end. And you’ll be happy that you’re not faking it to make it.

2. Example videos with you in it!

You cannot hide behind your brand in this business. Not only do you need to be the face of your brand, but you also need to make “virtual” personal connections with your buyers. Therefore, it’s a good idea for the owner of the business to create a few example videos of a regular class with you as an instructor. You want to highlight unique approach of your workouts that your potential clients haven’t heard before. If you’re a yogi, here’s our best tips to film yoga videos at home. Pay attention to different restrictions or their needs to show that you care. For example, you may recommend perfect workout gears for different age groups or talk about how to stay hydrated during the workout. Walk them through perfect positions and give them a taste of your style as an instructor.

3. Your staff (if you have them)

If you have trainers in your team and they’ve got a solid fan base, why not show case them on your tutorial videos? Your team will appreciate the involvement; and their fans will become royal ones because they get access to their favorite instructors anytime, anywhere. Highlight each instructor’s personal style and enthusiasm. Put those videos on your homepage for easy access. After all, it’s all about whether or not your prospect clients can connect with their instructors in the health and fitness industry.

4. Overview of your training

It helps your clients and your business when you give an overview of your trainings. You help potential clients decide whether they’ll be a good fit and prevent the bad ones from wasting your time. People are searching for the hottest and newest workout moves and routines, so you should have a sneak peek video of what they should expect when they sign up. Be specific as much as you can. If you’re targeting exercises on how to get skinny and lean legs fast, then give a sample on a perfect squad or a bar post. Go another step further by making different versions for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels of fitness groups.

5. Pre and post workout tips

This is what most fitness professionals usually ignore but it’s one of the most important topics to cover (and will make you stand out). Lifestyle matters. You also want to coach your clients about what they should do pre and post workout to achieve their desired outcomes and just to be a happy individual. So talk about tips or education that are easy to implement to the new and existing clients. Create videos about how to take care of your muscles after a workout, how to stretch properly, or how to select the right protein shakes or healthy snacks. There is a million other things you can talk about that will solidify your business in your prospects’ minds. A few more things that come to mind include a healthy recipe, sauna, muscle aches, health breakfast, etc. The secret is to instantly communicate with your target audience and find out what they’re struggling with. Solve their problems with easy to follow steps and you will win them for life! You want to make them feel like you’re not just taking their money but you’re a fitness friend whom they can trust. Going the extra miles is always a great idea, for any business.

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